Services and Pricing



I will read your manuscript to look for any typos that may have slipped past you and your team. As a bonus, I will give you my thoughts about your manuscript for the sake of extra feedback. Proofreading is good for a manuscript that has already been reviewed by an editor (or editors) and beta readers.

Copy editing

This type of edit is more involved than proofreading. In addition to correcting typos, I will look for grammar mistakes, polish the text when needed, and keep a sharp eye out for any plot holes or continuity issues. I will also toss in my overall thoughts about your book. This type of edit is good for a manuscript that has already been through beta reading but needs one more round of fine-tuning.

Developmental editing

This type of edit is strictly hands-off in terms of work on the text because it is a maximum effort on my part to give you in-depth feedback about your manuscript. I will provide chapter-by-chapter feedback on plot, pace, character development, and I will alert you to plot holes and continuity issues. This is good if you are struggling with the direction you want your book to go. 

Line editing

This type of edit involves heavily rewriting each paragraph in a manuscript. My rewrites would address issues ranging from untangling syntax, switching out passive voice for active, revising certain scenes that could be improved, and other issues. I will also provide my overall feedback about your book as an added bonus. This type of edit is good for a book that has either been translated from a foreign language or is top-heavy with words.


$10 per 1,000 words for Proofreading
$11 per 1,000 words for Developmental Editing
$12 per 1,000 words for Copy Editing
$12.50 per 1,000 words for Line Editing

I accept payment plans.

I offer free sample edits up to 2,000 words. 

No matter what service you choose, you will find working with me stimulates your creativity and helps you improve your writing.

Yes I'm thrilled. Tony just delivered his highly professional proofread of my book. I have not had this level of excellent editing with previous editors. Without any reservation in any quarter I enthusiastically highly recommend Tony.

-Ivy Ruth Luv, Action/Adventure Novelist