Hi! My name is Tony Held. I am a Minnesota-based freelance book editor specializing in both fiction and nonfiction. 

I have edited over one hundred books, working with both independent and traditionally published authors, and I am always looking forward to my next project. I love to dive into an author's prose and get to work. I will never change your words to the point where you cannot recognize your own writing, but I will polish your words until they shine, I can give you a list of ideas to make your manuscript better, or I can simply hunt through the pages and eliminate any typos that linger. 

I work with Word and Open Office files. I believe editing a book is a collaborative effort between the author and me, so I always keep in close touch with my clients whenever I edit their manuscripts.

Tony Held Owner of Held Editing Services

But publishing is easy these days. If I can write a book and upload it to Kindle, why should I worry about hiring an editor? 

Yes, you could write your book, upload it to Kindle, and hit “publish,” but you may find yourself dinged by reviews that claim your book has too many typos, or that the pace is too slow, or that there is not enough character development, or that your nonfiction book does not cite your sources properly. Hiring a professional editor can save you from such frustrations. 

The fiction genres I work on are mystery (hard-boiled detective, amateur sleuth, or police procedural), historical, fantasy, literary, sci-fi, western, and action-adventure. No courtroom drama or anything too dark, brooding, or Orwellian, please. For nonfiction, I work on self-help, history, railroads/transportation, and memoir. Nothing political, please.

I look forward to working with you. 


Tony Held


I am very pleased with the editing work Tony did on my last novel. Not only did he grind through it in an efficient manner, but he also provided me with timely updates and sought my input on suggested changes.

                   -Stephen Randorf, author of the Detective Bass Mystery Series